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"Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time
he will pick himself up and continue." --Winston Churchill

The Free Will of Man and The Gospel

Recommended: Before reading this, please understand The Spiritual Inability of Unsaved Man

1. The proclaimed Gospel is sincerely offered by God to all people (hearing it), and is urged on them.

John 3:16 ; Acts 17:30

2. The Christian evangelist should sincerely pray and urge all to repent and come to Christ.

1K.18:21 ; Josh. 24:15

3. It is the responsibility of all who hear the Gospel offered, to respond positively and accept Christ.


4. All men are always free to choose what they actually desire, regarding God, Christ and the Gospel.

Josh.24:15 ; Jn.3:16 ; Rev.22:17

5. But unregenerate man (if left that way) never desires but rejects God, and will never respond positively.

Ro.3:11 ; 8:7,8 ; Jn.8:43,44 ; 1Cor.2:14

6. Unregenerate man (if left to himself) permanently hates God, and will freely continue to reject him.

Jn.15:23 ; Rom.3:11 ; 7:14 ; 8:7

7. When a person is regenerated (born again) by God, then they first start responding with saving faith.

Jn.3:3 ; Jn.10:26

8. Repentance and faith are gifts of God (not originating in man) which must be granted in order for salvation to occur.

Ac.5:31 ; 11:18 ; Eph.2:8 ; 2Tim.2:25

9. No one is able to come to Christ unless God first enables, calls (inwardly) and draws (pulls) him.

Jn.6:65,44; 8:43,44,47; 12:39,40; 2Co.4:4; 1Co.2:4

10. Every person whom God calls inwardly, will respond, be justified, and end up eternally saved and glorified.

Jn. 6:37,40 ; Rom.8:29,30
11. When God from eternity past looked forward in time, he saw all the above realities, because he had already eternally planned and ordained that he would make those realities to be this way... according to his good pleasure and to the praise of his great name.
-- Man is saved by grace alone, and not because of anything good seen (or foreseen) in man.
Eph. 2:8,9 ; Titus 3:5

If God is moving your heart to desire his salvation, please read: How You Can Be Saved

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