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"Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time
he will pick himself up and continue." --Winston Churchill

Is God Really Sovereign?

--In other words: Is there anything outside of God's control? ...Is there ever even ONE thing or event --past, present or future-- which occurs totally on its own or at random, and is not under God's absolute control?

Your answer to this question is the main indicator of what and who you believe God to be... and it also determines how you'll respond to God and live out every day of your life.

So, ask yourself this question: Is there ever anything --or anyone-- outside of God's total control?

At times, virtually all people will answer "Yes" to this question. They answer yes, because almost all people feel that a vast number of things happen by chance or at random, whether it is the roll of dice or the path of a tornado. They also answer yes because in this world there is alot of pain and suffering --which many label as "evil"-- and people hate to attribute such things to a good and loving God. Furthermore --and most poignantly-- people say "yes," some things are outside of God's control because of man's free will to make choices many times every day, and such freedom does not seem possible if it is true that God is totally sovereign over the outcome of all events and choices.

In contrast to what most people think, the Bible answers this huge question with a clear "No," ...there is never even one thing --or one free-will decision-- which is outside of God's total control. In other words: The Bible teaches the absolute sovereignty of God.

We find this fact to be clearly demonstrated and verified by the words of scripture:

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