"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Plato

Principles for Support of a Politician or Party

A full-orbed worldview has practical outworkings with regard to political implications and what should be supported. It doesn't matter what party a politician belongs to --these principles should regulate the support of a voter. -- In this regard, as a Bible-believer, the following principles come into view:

Important Principle: People's lives are more important than things, money, comfort or emotions... and the loss of innocent human life is absolutely not acceptable just to avoid some discomfort, emotional stress, or to save some money.
-- The activity which results in the preventable loss of the highest number of human lives, must be opposed to the highest degree --in proportion to the loss.

Application: Abortion is the one activity which takes the highest number of human lives each year in the world.
Abortion --which takes the innocent life of a human baby (before or after birth)-- is wrong (and should be illegal), despite any emotional or economic distress the parent might experience as a result of the birth of the baby.
-- Any politician (from any party) is morally compromised and deficient if they can justify legislation which allows a mother to abort a baby.
-- If the full-term birth of the baby constitutes a threat to the life of the mother, then the baby should be allowed to develop as long as possible, and then it should be removed, with the attempt being made to also preserve the life of the baby.
-- Any action taken to purposely end a baby's life, should be illegal.

Key Principle: Any person who intentionally murders another person, may legitimately have their life taken from them by capitol punishment; --however, capitol punishment should not occur where there is even a small reasonable doubt.

#1 Principle: The Bible --being the God-given Scriptures-- has top authority over any man-made document, including any party platform, or even the US Constitution. If there is no significant conflict, man-made laws of governance should be followed, but if there is a clear conflict, Bible-principles must take priority.

If the viewpoints and policy-commitments are equal between two candidates, then the evangelical Bible-believer is to be supported and voted for. --However, not all professed believers actually stand for important biblical viewpoints, therefore, I agree with the following quote from Richard Land, president of the SBC's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission:

"If I were forced to choose between a pro-life Jew who would protect babies and a Southern Baptist who pledged to lower taxes but who was pro-abortion, I would vote for the Jew." �Richard Land

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