"Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time
he will pick himself up and continue." --Winston Churchill

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Intelligent Design in Nature (A Mathematical Proof)
Intelligent Design of the Cosmos (A Mathematical Proof)
Intelligent Design of Earth as a Life-Support Planet
Abiogenesis: Spontaneous Generation Redux
Evolution is Just Partly True
The Foundation of Science is The Biblical Worldview
Notable Inventions & Discoveries From the Past 800 Years
Science Facts Confirm the Bible
$1,000,000 Prize for Abiogenesis, & $2K for Evolution

Prophecy Proves the Bible's Authority
The Worldview of Naturalism
The Worldview of Eastern Pantheism
The Worldview of Theism

How You Can Be Saved
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Intelligent Design (Creation) vs Evolution

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- - (TestingWorldviews.com feels that the best evidence points to an old earth --and that the Bible confirms this stance.)

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