"The unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates

Finding A Good and Faithful Church

- by R. Totten (c)2012

After we have understood and believed Jesus Christ's claims to be the Lord (God) of heaven and earth, and have come to truly trust in him and rely on his death on the cross to pay the death-penalty for our sins, and then his resurrection from the dead, we then realize that it is desirable and right to decide upon a Christian church where we can gather with others to worship the Lord and to find fellowship and instruction for personal growth in knowing, following and serving Christ and people.

But there are a number of different types of "churches," so how do we go about deciding which one is best for us? --How can we get trustworthy guidance on this? We could ask people's opinions, which might be a good starting place ...but opinions vary, and sometimes people are wrong. So how do we get reliable and solid direction?

The best source we have is the Bible. --And why is it best? --Because the Bible is God's written word, given to mankind for teaching and direction in our lives. Paul wrote: "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness" (2Tim.3:16). So, the Bible is essentially from the mouth of God himself and is spoken out by him --so it has God's perfection and full authority. Prov.30:5 says, "Every word of God is flawless," which is an assertion which cannot be made for any mortal man.

Realizing that the Bible has God's authority, we would want to determine what the Bible indicates is a good church.
--First of all, obviously, it would have to be a true church, as opposed to a false group which does not actually teach and believe in the true God through Christ. And secondly, we would want a church which is reasonably in line with what a faithful church should be. -- So, let's start with the first issue:

What is a "true" church?

Let's start with a definition: The Church (biblically) is not a building. It is not a political or social organization. The "Church" is: People who truly know Jesus Christ; The Church is comprised of all people everywhere who truly believe and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and God, and who have been saved from their sins by Christ's blood shed on the cross because they rely on him and obey him as their Lord (divine Boss).

-- The Church is people whom Christ loved so much that he "gave himself" (Eph.5:25) by dieing on the cross to pay for their sins.

Article is still being written. --Please come back!

YOU, dear reader are loved by God, and that's why Jesus Christ came!

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