"A faith that can not survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets" - Arthur C. Clarke

Rewards for Evolution Evidence:

Abiogenesis Reward:

A $1,000,000 prize is being offered by:
"The Origin-of-Life Prize" web site for proposing "a highly plausible natural-process mechanism for the spontaneous rise of genetic instructions in nature sufficient to give rise to life."

(NOTE: Although the above "Origin-of-Life Prize" is in no way connected to or responsible for the positions taken on this "WorldView 3 Test Site," the "Origin-of-Life Foundation," (which offers this "Origin-of-Life Prize") may be trying to coordinate an effort to substantiate that abiogenesis (a purely naturalistic and non-directed materialist origin to life) is within reasonably reachable probabilities.
---However, the Worldview 3 Test Site opines that the overwhelming body of empirical evidence and statistical analysis would seem to clearly indicate that any such attempt to demonstrate a natualistic mechanism for abiogenesis will fail... as this site's article on abiogenesis explains.)

Rewards from R. Totten and the Worldview 3 Test Site:

A $2,000 Reward: ...to the first person delineating experimentally confirmed biochemical mechanism(s) which demonstrates that it is within reasonable statistical probability for biological information and life in the cosmos to have originated from non-living chemicals (abiogenesis) by purely natural processes, totally apart from the agency of any intelligent designer (essentially, a chemist). This mechanism must agree with empirical biochemical and thermodynamic reality. --This abiogenesis-reward is contingent upon and will be given only to the person(s) who wins the "Origin of Life Prize" described (& linked to) above.

(Link to Definitions of: "Life", ...and of biological/DNA/genetic "Information")


a $2,000 Reward ...to the first person(s) who can provide clear empirical evidence (published in a good peer-reviewed journal) that even one new complex bio-mechanism (eg, a flagellum, a cilium, or a light-sensitive spot) --comprised of at least four different new types of functional proteins which assemble together to function as well-matched and coordinated interacting mechanical parts-- has ever evolved in any species in nature. The new bio-mechanism must be totally as a result of the origination of at least 5 new protein-types (coded by new genetic material (DNA) in the genome) not previously existing in the original ancestor(s). The new proteins and the new mechanism must be beneficial to the organism's survival, and not deleterious or destructive to any of its other bio-mechanisms or life-functions;

Any proof?

If not, an intelligent designer is most probably the best explanation for the origin of biological information. Also, intelligent design should be taught in schools on an equal footing along with ideas of evolutionary origins.

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